E Group Christmas Post

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E Group Christmas Post

Postby Gerald » Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:21 pm

At the last E Group we were talking about the ascent of consciousness through the levels of our part of the Ray of Creation: the lateral octave developing from the sun, from light to dark, as follows below. Its main interest is not to describe physical bodies, but as Mr O recommended, to explore what these descriptions mean psychologically.

Unmanifest Sun—The Absolute, Param-Atman
The Sun—Archangels, Turiya
The Planets—Angels—Samadhi
Mankind—Self-conscious humans—Antahkaran predominantly sattva,
Vertebrates—Sheep, Rajasic, I know I am my body, I am right !
Invertebrates—Worms (I know something’s wrong)

What do the lower levels mean psychologically? Worms we are familiar with. Twisting helplessly on the fork of some identification, some desire that has taken hold of our whole person to the exclusion of reason or help. Can happen in a second. Many vertebrates learn to feed on worms.

Plants may have something to do with the gift of life itself: the glory of our senses, the breath of life, God given at point three in the diagram we looked at.

Minerals may represent a level at which ego/personality can crystallize, become hard, fixed, stupid . . . dare we say? Not letting in enough light.

Metals. The lack of light down here can allow cruelty without true awareness. Next stop the moon, whatever that may mean.

So the whole thing is about lightness of being. Or about being of lightness.

Evil can only manifest unconsciously is the golden rule.

It’s a good thing we know that stillness brings sattva. Which is light.

At the level of true mankind, Regent of the Biosphere, Conscience is transparent to the will, the light, of the Atman and the next stop is Angels.

This becomes a less dualistic picture if one considers that all the levels are available simultaneously in the moment, now.

Mike Raphone
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Re: E Group Christmas Post

Postby Mike Raphone » Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:45 am

Been pondering on Gerald’s question as to what the lower levels of the Lateral Octave may mean psychologically.

All I can come up with so far is that the lower down we tumble in this chain of being, the more laws we come under and corresponding freedoms (taken for granted) we lose, giving way to greater and greater mechanistic determination. and much gnashing of teeth.

I recall somewhere that our level of being on the lateral octave is determined by what we eat and what eats us, both psychologically and physically. It seems
an organism’s function on the lateral octave is not so much to dine out but to be the dinner. The question being dinner for who?

Physically as vertebrates we are on the menu for a range of hungry passing entities, perhaps being eaten by a passing lion, or by a weapon created by the two legged vertebrates to become, a feast for invertebrates, digested and passed down the food chain to enter plant mineral and metal realms of the earth.

The only exception I have heard is to turn the physical body in to a body of light. If anyone can do this please let me know via this forum, sooner the better please.

Psychologically however there appears to be some wriggle room. Do nothing and its destination moon where all dead things end up. I would guess It might be something like watching the X factor for all eternity.

However to do nothing with awareness, with self remembering - that may be something else? The God who is the Sun may be attracted to have another purpose to feed and serve the Sun, Angels and Archangels.

Well I seem to have side stepped Gerald’s question rather well and added some muddled thinking to the mix, help from compassionate readers would be most appreciated.

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Re: E Group Christmas Post

Postby oipat » Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:31 am

"What they mean psychologically"
This word psychologically confuses me.

Quotes (inaccurate) from 4thway:

“Man has no psychology”
“Psychological thinking enables us to see beyond the apparent contradictions as it appears logically/the interconnectedness....”

“formatory thinking/pendulum swinging between opposites”
“Ability to discriminate useful from useless (lessusefull) thoughts is the higher part of intellectual centre?”

O: “we are told what to think by our parents e.g. I don’t like Germans /Englishmen/ etc/prejudice”

Nicol: “Medieval psychology was more aware of the.....?Psychological thinking”
Modern psychology is (1950s) unaware of such thinking”

"sensual logical thinking will never lead to higher centres"

end of quotes

If we begin to see ourselves PSYCHOLOGICALLY we begin to take a new view of our selves/our minds based on teachings of the Work?
Ouspenskys view of time is an example of psychological thinking?
We have to reframe or reconstruct the map of our inner world?

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Re: E Group Christmas Post

Postby Gerald » Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:35 pm

Psychology has come to mean 'knowledge of the mind' but formerly it meant knowledge of the soul. Psyche means literally 'breath', the breath of life, what animates us, the source of all vital activities etc.

So in one sense the system is right, the mechanical state is not 'psychology'. It is the interaction of unconscious forces, hormones, neuro-transmitters, conditioning etc. that produce our actions, feelings and thoughts without our volition, although we like to claim that we are consciously producing them.

Perhaps we might say that self-remembering is the beginning of 'psychology'?

Particular mechanical states constitute 'food' for entities we may not be conscious of. In youth, and even later, we may have confused 'love' for a powerful sexual attraction. Some other entity is aiming to fill another perambulator. If we allow an unfounded suspicion to gain ascendancy over our minds what entity is feeding on the energy produced by this state?

Everything in the Ray of Creation is said to have its own form of life and consciousness. Humans are said to be unique in that we have the capacity to choose what we become food for, and what we eat. 'Eating', here, means impressions, not only the raw material but how we digest it. If we feed more and more on higher impressions we can become food for higher beings, not lower ones. But as someone said, to be food for archangels we need to be pretty tasty. Higher impressions require the energy that comes from the practice of stillness.

In PDO's 'scale of time in different cosmoses' we see that the whole life of an individual can form a single impression for the Sun.

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Re: E Group Christmas Post

Postby oipat » Sat Dec 19, 2009 10:13 am

Man has no soul. He has to build one. Same as no psychology?
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Re: E Group Christmas Post

Postby Gerald » Sun Dec 20, 2009 9:33 pm

How about, 'Man forgets he has a soul. He has to find it. Beginning of psychology.'

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