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Quotations from Mevlana - 3

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 3:18 pm
by Rumpelteazer
A further quotation from Mevlana provided by one of the Turners:

Not for one single moment do I let hold of you, for you are my whole concern, you are my whole affair.
I eat and enjoy your candy, I labour at your counselling;
I am a heart-wounded quarry, you are my heart-devouring lion.
You might say that my soul and your soul are one; I swear by this one soul that I care not for other than you.
I am a bunch of herbs from the garden of your beauty, I am a strand of your union's robe of honour.
Around you this world is thorn on the top of a wall; in the hope of culling the rose of union it is a thorn that I scratch.
Since the thorn is like this, how must be your rosebower! O you whose secrets have swallowed and borne away my secrets.
My soul, in the sky the sun is the moon's companion; I know that you will not leave me in this assembly of strangers.
I went to a dervish and he said, "May God befriend you!" You might say that through his blessing a king such as you became my friend.
I beheld the whole world to be a painting on the gates of a bath; you who have taken my turban away, likewise towards you I stretch my hand.
Every congener bursts his chain to come to his congener; whose congener am I, who am held fast in this snare here?
Like a thief, my soul, you ever steal around me; I know what you are seeking, crafty sweetheart of mine.
My soul, you are hiding a candle under the cloak, you desire to set fire to my stook and rick.
O my rosebower and rosegarden, O cure of my sickness, O Joseph of my vision and lustre of my market,
You are circling round my heart, I am circling round your door; circling am I giddily in your hand like a compass.
In the gladness of your face if I tell the tale of woe, if then sorrow drinks my blood, by Allah, I deserve it.
To the beat of the tambourine of your decree all these creatures are dancing; without your melody does a single lute-string dance? I do not think so.
The voice of your tambourine is hidden, and this dance of the world is visible; hidden is that itch, wherever I scratch.
I will be silent out of jealousy, because from your sugarcane I am a cloud scattering sugar, it is only your candy that I rain.
I am in water, in earth, in fire, in air: these four are all around me, but I am not of these four.
Now I am Turk, now Hindu, now Rumi, now Zangi; it is of your engraving, my soul, that I believe or disbelieve.
Tabriz, my heart and soul are with Shams-i Haqq here, even though in body I vex him no more.

Divan F1458

Re: Quotations from Mevlana - 3

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:10 pm
by Rosalind
That is beautiful. Who is Mevlana?

Re: Quotations from Mevlana - 3

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:54 am
by Rumpelteazer
Hi Rosalind
Have a look at this page under "Origins" and see if that gives you enough information.

It is one of the pages on our main website. The index page is reached by clicking on "Home" (on the left, near the top of the screen). The main website gives brief background information on all the Society's activities.