Beginners’ Guide – How to send a private message by email

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Beginners’ Guide – How to send a private message by email

Postby Rumpelteazer » Sun Dec 27, 2009 7:34 pm

We take security and privacy very seriously on this forum. So although you have to tell the system what your email address is when you register, the only person who can find this out is the forum Administrator. Forum rules prohibit him from divulging it (or any of your other personal details) to anyone else. This means that if you want to send someone a private message by email you must use the forum to do it – not the email system on your PC (unless, of course, you happen to know who the person is and what their email address is.) However, if you do this, the person to whom you send the message will then know your email address. (If you don't want this to happen, it is possible to send a completely private message but this is rather more difficult. Some brief instructions are included in the Tip at the end of this guide.)

Let’s suppose you want to send a private message by email to Diogenes.

Step 1: Click on “Members” on the right of the screen near the top.

Members.jpg (62.01 KiB) Viewed 5171 times

This will bring up the list of members.

Step 2: Click on “D” for Diogenes.

Select member.jpg
Select member.jpg (149.29 KiB) Viewed 5171 times

This takes you to Diogenes’ profile.

Step3: Click on “Email Diogenes”

Email member.jpg
Email member.jpg (113.73 KiB) Viewed 5171 times

You will now have a message input form.

Step 4: Enter a subject in the “Subject” box and then type your message in the “Message body” box.

Send email.jpg
Send email.jpg (110.27 KiB) Viewed 5171 times

You will see a tick box which says “Send copy of this email to yourself”. You should make sure this is ticked (it normally is) so that you get a record of what you have sent on your email system.

Now click the E-mail button to send your email.

A message will be displayed very briefly saying that your email has been sent, and then the main forum page is displayed.

You can send a completely private message to someone which is stored in their Inbox under the Private Messages folder in User Control Panel. The person may or may not also receive an email saying that a new message has arrived on the system. This depends on how they have set up their Board Preferences in the User Control Panel. If you send a message this way your own email address will not be revealed, but there is a greater risk that your message will go unnoticed.

To do this, follow the procedure above up to Step 3. Then, instead of clicking on "Email Diogenes", click on "Send Private Message" immediately below.

You will get a slightly different message input screen. Ignore the box near the top below the word "To".

Click on the "Subject" box which is below, and type a subject.

Then click on the large box immediately to the left of the Smilies, and type your message here.

Then click on "Submit"

The message will stay in your Outbox under the Private Messages folder in User Control Panel until the recipient has read it.

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