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Re: A hello.....or should that be an?

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:11 pm
by Mortice
Many is the music we play and hear, all the chords Playing at the same time to produce the noise we hear and then share with a voice.....sometimes silken and many times hard and course with discourse of dispute....Then there are the times when agreement and sharing makes for a kind moment and the wonder loves itself and points at nothing but sharing as a way..... :)

Re: A hello.....or should that be an?

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:20 pm
by Mortice
Rumpelteazer wrote:Hi David
Here are some general ideas in answer to all your questions:
  1. Practice makes perfect that which is already perfect.
  2. Most questions (especially yours) contain their own answers.
  3. Be still.

perfection is inherrent in reality........was just raising the head here above the papparait.....will shut reason really to shout *shruggs

Re: A hello.....or should that be an?

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:53 pm
by Mortice
Be still?......uh huh best advice :D

Re: A hello.....or should that be an?

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 5:20 pm
by Mortice
"Be still".............That is the best of answers, thank you.

Re: A hello.....or should that be an?

Posted: Sun May 18, 2014 1:12 pm
by Mortice
Lots of water under the bridge has been came up with this.

a wave of originality makes everything the way it is

partial truths in an infinite number of moments jostle around

the nature of infinity is that it allows as much space as is needed for anything to happen

this is not a poetical intellectual exercise

it is a fact that falls out of number theory

all positions all of the time at all energy levels in total collusion

to try and pin down this actuality is to chase a ghost

fire and ice

wind and rain

good and evil

sanctuary and crucible

simple profit and loss

numbers firing more numbers in something that will only ever be a work in progress

survival seems to be a key component on all levels

"originality" and maybe not origin of the species should have been the title of someones book

simple differences rule our ways across a vast expanse of time as we percieve it

but the *we that is us* is just a pause in a blink of an eye for the eternal creature that really is us.

having said this?

I bow to all creativity and what the eternal does for us on its course.

wanting to know thine creator is a bit like sitting back and asking?

"what did the romans ever do for us?"

and then maybe we should plumb the course of history a deep and think of all the changes bought on by

the many facets of civilisations along all the ways.

Cosmologists tend to say that the creation within which we appear to live in is expanding

now is this a good thing or a bad thing or is it a fact that we need to meet head on in some sort

of transformational mental grooming?

ok here we go then.

Originality maybe happens because of the universal expansion of all things in all directions.

This expansion allows for more detail to be revealed on any level about anything as our time seems to flow

The more we look and the longer we appear to look

The more we will see.

We are made to look by a desire to see more, this desire is driven by the same expansion allowing more observation.

Originality flows into our existance because it is what has made us from nothing into something that wants to breath.

There will be evermore technical advances towards understanding at finer and finer levels of so called controlled

circumstances of observation, but the observation that matters most is having a sense of scale.

Originality could be eternal infinity choosing a particular moment to be seen in focus.

and for no discernible reason this focus is our collective consciousness.

Re: A hello.....or should that be an?

Posted: Fri May 23, 2014 10:36 pm
by Mortice
expansion is a peculiar thing

it is happening all the time

it affects time and our perception of time in relation to the stationary and the moving

simple movements of relative speed tear us apart from what we might consider to be quite close bonds

this can all in a simple way be described by a few equations

or even shown on a few graphs

or described by a few thought experiments

its true nature and its implications however seem to get lost

if you are a physicist or a mathmetician trying to resolve reality with numbers you will feel the loss.

expansion happens all the time and appears not to stop....

it lets things get big whilst staying the same personal size

but allows more detail to be revealed

ever deeper will the consciousness be able to rove

like a sailor who set out to discover the depths of one ocean only to find the depths of many oceans.

an instant of reality is a picture set by the mind and the flow of reality makes our minds a grand screen.

creation seems to make us "just so"...

bravo to creation for allowing us to have an opinion.

our ability to measure our ultimate response to the ultimate questions could do with a reality check of course.

there will be no final or finial check to absorb, because infinite boundries become self absorbed.

Re: A hello.....or should that be an?

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2014 2:12 am
by thejay
To Mortice

I sense you believe you have lost your way?
There are no genuine wayṣ.

The way of the yogi leads to the truth of Siva Loka.
The way of enjoyment leads to the evolution of being and total absorption in the great mass of Being of Visnu Loka.
The way of understanding leads to Brahma Loka. Brahma may teach you many things, but you cannot stay there for ever, and will be reborn.
All these three ways are illusory. Siva, Visnu and Brahma are merely personifications of the three gunas.

It is normal to talk about various paths. Paths are indicative of movement. But you are stillness, the destination itself.

All paths lead to unreality. Paths are creations within the scope of knowledge. Therefore paths and movements cannot transport you to the Self, because their function is to enmesh you within the dimension of knowledge, while the Self prevails prior to it. As long as you do not stabilize at the source of your creation, at the moment of conception, at the beginning, with the knowledge that you are not any form, not anything you can see, or know, or even be, that you are only the witness of the play and not any actor, nor any part being played in it, you will be entangled in the chains forged by your mind and get enmeshed in those of others.

Re: A hello.....or should that be an?

Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 1:45 pm
by Mortice
Well said.