Physics and its relation to meditation.

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Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby Mortice » Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:20 pm

The more I read about physics, the more correlation I seem to gain on truth revealed within meditation and life experience.I have so much to say on this but dont know if I am just repeating stuff already said, but feel strongly the need to say something it would seem.
Been out of the loop for too long. (long time ago I was part of a group at Colet but lost the way)
Complete removal of the feeling of an individual body replaced with a shimmering field of unlimited expansion experienced during meditation sort of lines up with many ideas expressed within various equations and ideas expressed by physicists....Is it just me? or has this sort of thing not been talked of enough in direct terms?
Been years since I have shared any ideas like this with some "Good Company" am just dipping a toe into the maelstrom of speculation.

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Re: Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby Mortice » Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:11 pm

I give up.The depth of perception makes us do all we do with an infinity of options.When dealing with the infinite its best not to expect anything.

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Re: Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby CliveH » Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:30 am

It is just a year since Mortice made those observations, and no one has replied. Mortice, why not try a group meeting of today? Our meeting, on Thursday evenings at Colet House, is open to visitors, as long as we know you are coming.

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Re: Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby Mortice » Sat Oct 05, 2013 9:10 pm

unfortunately meetings are out of the question since I seem to exist in Cornwall.
also some views entertained by this conglomeration of consciousness called "I" might be deemed cranky, to say the least.

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Re: Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby Mortice » Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:48 pm

so mANY arguments upon truth and the true way of being and existing
...are we humble proud defensive aggressive passive or full of wonder emotion logic passion..or?
what else is there.

something like a defining unifying logic balancing all the diss-harmonic attitudes and positions.

such poetry of movement in words dance music battle war

such peace evaded

there will never be a problem in the supply chain here as universal delivery systems are quantum bound.

from a flower......sitting not moving

from a warrior.....moving not sitting

from a leaf bound

from a belief...

from whence beyond all the eternal flows and flys,

fly says the eternal butterfly that knows its lonely fullsome path.
beyond world,beyond wander and wonder at birth
but eternal paths fullsome pattern girths pass within
yet a simple flutterby without logic or emotion sees its path needed beyond and in harmony for our reason

traced patterns in the air towards all exude the eternal stare yet not many resound with the need to climb the eternal stairs
to stirr beyond simplistic nothinglike limits of observation

when and where we look..we do so cautiously, guided well we hope to this way and that,
our comprehension limits our weathervane vainglorious asides of knowing and understanding,but it is all we can do.

what solution is us inside or without or within limits known or not known or pre-supposed to be an opinion stated
maybe quoted badly even to us, but there anyway as a link to everything and nothing that could say?...what actually is.

like a field in spring...awakened bliss sought and known
like an equation felt true and recognised
like a moment felt expansion beyond the moment that could transcend any single moment
like the truth revealed as simple yet hard to explain
like or not like.....1 or 0......or multiples of numbers cascading here and there all full of infinitesimal depth

expand a zero or spell the origins of a 0......or the concept of 1 and know not one single path to truth.

when true infinity writes the scripts for us as it does, it hides within itself many facets of itself.
Levels of understanding are like a flow of jigsaw puzzle pieces, each complete with course and eternal direction
complementing a song that could never be sung but which can be felt complete for its moment when needed to be sung
and heard.

such understanding can never be used
only sung and heard

all our moments past and present make us who and what we become, for the future asks no questions as to why it is there

beyond logic beyond emotion beyond experience beyond all memory but containing all as in a perpetual mirror

never moving motion contained by all but reflected maybe in our emotional response

substance everywhere is under its own observation

what substance can define itself, but one of simple design and beyond complicated reason understanding and need of

what meaning can substance define as a principle

what principle can substance define as true meaning

harmony knows itself as the only true substance and will forever play its tune.

no words can ever speak the truth of any situation but only reflect thoughts held within

to be without words is where truth happens and understanding can begin

the listening of the soul hears and makes us across boundries our words cannot describe

because our words are a dimension and truth has no ties to any set in stone-like dimension described

and fettered by description that will always be behind the true fact

knowing what a thing could be to us will never be what a thing actualy is

descriptions will always be there in abundance

like clouds following a measure of sunlight wind and moisture

(cue picture of fluffy clouds)

Logic is good

Maths is good

Speculative philosophy on the facets of freedom is good

Faith in good behaviour leading to good good

Knwoledge? in all its agreed recognized facets might be good...but due to having no ultimate knowlege?...
"I" cannot substansiate this wordy based statement
since not knowing how everything realy works means that there is a lack of stuff available
to know what truly is out there determining why or what or when or because.

all the colours and music and waves abound and sound and vision explores its human hosts vagaries and depth.

such a small part says eternity shining bright in the mirror of human evolution and then lets human revelation at last look
at the eternal scroll to see where every soul that has ever been and will be see its mark in all that "is"

from rock to cloud to rain to leaf to dolphin to lion to elephant to the complete tree of life

deep and shallow said the cat to the dog..they then sat for awhile.......gah said the dog!!!....our owners are coming back!!!.
is it your turn to chase me or mine to chase you?

lets both run and have fun was the reply....
the shadow saw the light as music and the light saw the shadow hear a difference.

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Re: Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby Mortice » Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:02 am

in some egotistical way I seem to have leaked some thoughts to matter or mention not.
I know not what to expect.....probably accusations of insanity.

feel free to judge.

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Re: Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby Mortice » Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:17 am

I seem to have no one else to share my thoughts with apart from the whole of the Study Society and my sister...
so here is some more sharing.

nothing moved and nothing needed to move and nothing felt any need to be an individual something

everything was in harmony

the harmony of being one

within the harmony was and is everything

every encountered across an eternity of encounters accounted for and known

positions of pain of any kind outshone by all around eternaly driven dimensions

multiple positions and directions of the large and small

all directed by eternity

the maths of infinity work on all levels and make us who and what we are

this small world as we see it is a part of eternity and every part of eternity knows itself

there is no mystery to this epansiveness

only questions

there are many questions

there are as many answers as there are questions

answers often lead to other questions but this is natural

there can never be an ultimate question with an ultimate answer

one question answers a new questions source

knowing will always ask for more and there will aways be more to know

the harmony of being one

this is the nature of infinity and how eternity works its magic

the one will always be the many

life is Consciousness and Consciousness is communication

there will never be a limit to communication since communication is information

communication never stops information from being real at source to anything that asks

how anything affects anything else is communication along the eternal roads all walk

look and see what is there at any given time and see also what others have seen

compare notes?

comparative truth should not a war make

there can never be an ownership of truth

all the love of sharing our world makes the world what it is

and our love is not just a word it is a direction to follow

some decry love as just need

some would say that feeling need is crying for love

the harmony of being one makes us cry this way

let me then cry eternally for the call of such love

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Re: Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby Mortice » Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:36 am

the leaf saw the tree and knew whence it had come

and smiled at the journey

an honest path from here to there and with purpose

the sniper saw the path the bullet needed to travel and smiled at the accuarcy

an honest path from here to there and with purpose

the wave broke gently and knew its path was complete as it settled on the shore

an honest path from here to there and with purpose

the wave of radiation broke gently and scattered its effect unknowing to all in its path

but future generations would see its results

an honest path from here to there and with purpose

a man stood on a beach and waved at nothing and said goodbye to everything as he looked on

an honest path from here to there and with purpose

time ticks its eternaly made clock and makes our intelectual facsimle

reality make its way onto the stage of life via various stages of evolution

an honest path from here to there and with purpose


life is within what we breathe and then experience

breathe in

breathe out

our comfort describes who we are

our discomfort describes who we are

no thing acknowledged can ever not be real

everything is as solid as the most uncomfortable bed

have any ever slept in the most comfortable bed

all the world is an individual religion and true

all ideas will trancend non belief

non belief in relgion involves a belief in the individual


ok....about the goes up and down in force with no warning.
those that have sailed in all conditions know this and know how fickle it can be.
one moment you can be applying force to keep your boat on an even keel,
or you can be flying an aircraft in a so called straight line....
when out of nowhere things change and you have to change your opinion of what is happening.

The most experienced pilots of boats/ships/yachts/planes have been caught out by a sudden so called change
in how the wind blows us all of our directions within and without

how fickle is the wind

its direction and strength a friend or foe

those that seek its comfort know its availability as friend or foe alike

knowing nature and its power over us creates the sheer poetry of respect

is respect of all around us a bad thing

lost in power over the flower was the bee

mastery of all it could see

drunk with the nectar gathered for the queen bee

the hive beckoned, its depths gleaming from collective flights victory

memory of purpose surged and hummed a dirge

a common purpose loveingly observed

welcome home said the queen

though distant she knew her worker bee and wondered at all he could do and be


common purpose gazed at the stars

lovely said the life from mars

and saturn glimpsed its sojurn at large

the moon looked at its place and wondered again at all time and space

mercurial said one planet and circled so fast you couldnt make it a race

the earth became all moody and looked beyond the credit crunches limit

neptune then decided that all around were losing thier head and called uranus to know what had been said of the firmament

uranus noticed what had been going on and refrained from comment, knowing what might follow on

jupiter saw all the travails revealed and looked to mars to reveal all

mars appeared red and denied all that had been said and passed the promise to neptune

neptune sighed and smoothed the waves as usual

the common purpose passed on guided by a genial sun

the rest of the stars then all gazed gazed back lovingly and winked at mars

there was a time when words made a difference

the difference is what makes us

an impass becauce choice is an issue

the ultimate issue needs to be seen and known

eternal truth is within and without us

no thing can ever describe us

there is no question beyond understanding because understanding

defines itself to itself and is a harmony of motion or stillness

therin flows the tide

time makes us all see

time makes us blind to itself

there is a debate and its a so called serious one that maybe should be asked

its about what it should be to be british

national definition will always be something all hold strong because of birth

there will always be definite positions stated that seem to make an individual position set in stone

all positions are based on information

information is what makes us who we are

whether it be information of the individual in close relation to whom we love or love of country or ideal

the best information that can ever be shared is the information and knwoledge of how to be nice

in any situation and within all situations......whether it is with someone you have never met or the one you love

being nice is implicit in transferring truth and understanding from one human being to another

being nice has severe implications

it means being honest and wanting the honesty to be shared

if all of us could be honest all of the time?...

we should be able to do this because we have a common goal

the goal or reason is that we all share the same consciousness of our surroundings

harsh nature pitches itself against us and survival against this makes us

we cannot win against all the battles that nature throws at us, but only rise in common effort

what has been lost in common times is the fact that this is so

or maybe this has never been recognized?....

survival is what makes us take the next breath

maybe knowing that we are all equal this way is a function that could make society function without so much pain

the economy of the world order needs some realy serious sorting......

money is not an evil, it is a communication

it is a statement

it is not something to be desired or thrown away

it should be used to construct a life for everyone and not detract from that

a massive gun/bomb is something that can destroy is a construct with a purpose

money is a construct too but communicates a different construction of power

an individual can destroy life with a gun/bomb

the same individual can create a better life with global money

or can buy more bombs to destroy

The viking leader looked out over the prow of the ship into the mist and wondered if it would ever clear

then his ship landed on the beach

Time to make this land my own he thought


what shadow am i was the shout

the other shadow looked on and tried to answer

the next shadow walked by and created another shadow

from within the shadows came some light and created more shadows


how is colour

what is shape

when is now

was yesterday seen

has tommorow happened yet

or begun to begin


no silence

no noise

no colour or voyage

no lies

no truth

no thing to enjoy

all sound

all harmony

all colours enjoyed

all truth

all depth within seen

all senses deployed


There is a sense within us all that knows its own value and its value of
abundance to be shared and enjoined
there within lays the mystery which is art itself
knowing why and not realising its value but having to shine its wares
glorious it shines and shares innocently


are we often victims or creaters of circumstance
are we thought or is thought who we are
is who we are a mystery or the ultimate thought that creates mysteries
can we ever know a simple answer
or are all answers the reason to ask another question of what we call self
the one asked of the many and they replied

we are one too they replied and know you well

but as the many we ask for one answer

the one listened to all the questions but knew not one answer but only many

logic defeated itself one night

then in the morning asked emotion what had happened

how the devil am I to know was the reply

you looked back in anger and thats not logical

and with that reply?...emotion stomped away muttering logically

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Re: Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby Mortice » Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:38 am

thats enough......

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Re: Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby Mortice » Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:06 am

by plunging the depths of humanity and upsetting the applecart on every step of the way one can discover things about oneself that are dark and that hurt.
ask true questions and be prepared not to know all the answers

look to pre-concieved ideas for sAfety....

I reckon that there are some who know me from the past and are saying?....dont say hello unless you have an enlarged barge pole attached to every finger and fibre....

help? peaswewease.......seriously

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