Physics and its relation to meditation.

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Re: Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby Mortice » Thu Apr 17, 2014 10:18 pm

OK here is another post that might help or not help....I have no idea anymore.


One might look at all the scientific data that notices the things that we see expanding.
On the level of Star Systems, then Galaxies then clusters of galaxies, then super clusters etc etc.
On smaller levels than those this expansion is deemed to still exsist though.
When anything or everything at any scale deems to be moved a mere fraction then the physics of relativity seeps in
and breaks localised links of time and maybe space.

This has had intersting resulting views on all of this of course, not the least the so called difference in how
moving objects of differing speeds and then distance will seem to age differently.
A sense of personalized time then evolves for all observers.

At the extremes of distance the far flung galaxies from us have reached this now equates to the notion that they are
so far away and also at such a speed that the light from them will never reach us before the "lights" that make our notion of matter will go out.

So some things that were close to us at the "time" of the Big Bang can no longer seem to communicate on conventionaly recognized terms.

Of course, in terms of Human life?....the time frame could be irrelevant and only theoretical for us.
Our existance within the timeframe (I typoed that as timefame and just loved the egotistical inference)is of minimal significance and effect in the grand scheme of things.
Within this grand scheme we have been allowed the wonderfull opportunity to look far beyond our own personal experience
and see much that is almost the things of dreams made true by some on this planet that have had the fortitude and maybe some
eternal guidance (moi trying humour all the time here) to look beyond the obvious and delve into the mysteries beyond.

So far? all I have been saying is to give an impression that as we look outward? all we see is an ever expanding maybe
never ending form of matter of which it is humbling to observe and discover.

However?....I have an ulterior motive here.
So lets take stock.......A lot of our physics "might" determine that the expansion of our existance could go on forever.
If one looks at all the data and all the models and lets not get into multiverses and parralel dimensions just yet.

Then there comes the moment to extrapolate some data and turn it inward.

The Big Bang was a big thing it seems, but lets think on this.

lets imagine that reality "does" actualy go on forever...(forever is a very big space with no limits)
Lets imagine that reality allows for an infinite number of big bangs all the time and at the same time all happening at once.
Lets imagine that reality allows for an infinite expansion because it never argues with itself over not having enough of anything to allow for something more.
Lets imagine that the thing we call "us" is made of the most wonderfull thing that could ever be and that it has no limit
to "it"......and that is because of the nature of infinity, it allows for?

more of everything and anything
and lots of truth,mystery,culmination,humour and secrets.

Quantum theory hints at this in subtle ways and we use the results for practical things.

little glances of energy gathered and directed with uncertainty, observed and predicted to be there now and then to a degree of usefulness only.

Now?...lets imagine beyond all that.

Lets Imagine that the rabbit hole goes much further..

Lets imagine...........<------this is a pause inserted for the eyes to be closed and for something to be imagined, for at least a few silly minutes....Dont tell me what was imagined...!!!

I am no physicist but have gleaned some small facts to do with what happens at some limits here and there.

Some stuff like?....if things travel very fast? large speeds in proportion to the speed of light?...then they shrink in

length (depending on the view according to the direction of travel of any observer)

So if things travel in straight lines and very fast?.....then they would be observed in an experiment very easily and be seen to shrink in one kind of direction.

But what if they were rotating as well, or spinning at the same time? on that rotation.....then to all observers at any viewpoint?...the space occupied by this fast moving "thingy" might seem incredibly small.....also its apparent position and speed to us might get a little blurred in the detail or maybe even vanish.

Sooooo....we have a particle that by its faster than our known light speed vanishes..."almost"

The fact that it is spinning too makes it indeterminate, but its resulting effect of being there within the infinite order is something we can see by its effect on ever decreasing energy levels "as and when and if we determine ways of seeing such stuff".Whether the seeing is within only maths and or experiment is a mute point and an? *Elephant in the room*

The elephant becomes large when the maths exceeds the limit of physical experiment and speculation/philosophy comes to tea and and elegant polite eating.

"Another cucumber sandwich Vicar?"

The vicar then replies......only if I know for sure that the cucumber sandwich has not been through an experiment whereby the position of its taste has already been determined, because I would like to know that for myself......and then he grins and winks.

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Re: Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby Mortice » Thu Apr 17, 2014 10:31 pm

postcript to all these silly posts..

any answers?

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Re: Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby Mortice » Fri Aug 22, 2014 11:15 am

Someone asked me "what is god?"

good question I thought.

So here is a personal answer of sorts, but please think of the name of God as a principle of generic truth only.

The first thing to realise about questions like this is the context contained within the demand for an answer.

There is so much involved in knowing and understanding ones own idea of god.

Lets start with some essentials then.

God is the infinite source of everything ever known and knows itself as such by default.

God makes all thoughts,feelings, experiences, whether determined to be good or bad by "us" to be real.

God has more expansive control over anything in more ways than can ever be imagined due to omnipitence.

and now back to the context of why the question is asked.

as humans so to speak we get to be allowed to think on things now and then, things like why are we here.

and this provides a reason to look at the worlds mirror as we are allowed to see it and ask away.

actually? taking the time to ask such questions leads to asking someone for an answer but be prepared!

if you ask someone who you think might have some answers they will just re-direct you inwards, because?

they might know that all such questions have as many answers as there are ideas or ideals of individual consciousness.

OK more on context for an individual when asking such questions....

I am in doubt as to whether god exists because I seem to be failing in some way and maybe devotion and prayer would help

I am in need to trust in god because I cannot seem to trust in myself

I am weak and need gods help

I am strong but weak in how to share this and seek help to pass this on to others

I am a god fearing individual and stride from success to success and seek more knowledge to help everyone I meet

I am a failure and maybe I feel that if some kind of truth is revealed to me it would help. I wish to do better

I am happy with my life and love everything and all the people I meet are so great

but I read of so much conflict in the world and I need to know that god will help everyone at some point.

etc etc etc

Lists of feelings for us all wanting to know something.

Here is the Truth....God is everything!

But?.......try to make that real in words and be prepared to get yawned at.

A much valued stone was taken one day to a seat of learning.

this had been delivered to a cliff that overlooked the most fantastic place on planet earth,

all looked on for a reaction, but there followed a stony silence.

God accused man of being drunk with power.

Man then told God it was its fault for being so nice.

and God smiled knowingly.....:)

of course? no such didactics as this took place, but the philosophical drift is heart warming.

The mathematicians and physicists get fed up a lot.

especially the mathematicians, because they see seemingly impossible things within the maths.

The thing is that they hate it when all the calculations vanish into a seemingly limitless infinity.

We live the impossible things they see.


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Re: Physics and its relation to meditation.

Postby thejay » Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:47 am

On the subject of Science and Advaita Vedanta
there are a couple of You Tube videos that may be of interest to members of the Study Society?

Lecture: John Hagelin Is consciousness the unified field?

Lecture: Gary Weber Stopping thought, stopping time.

They are taken from a conference on Science and Non-duality in the USA.

The web site is...

There are more video lectures available on these and other themes.

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