Remembering the Self

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Dr. Ali
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Remembering the Self

Postby Dr. Ali » Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:07 pm

I have been reading various texts about remembering the Self. I find many inconsistences in opinions on this topic. Can anyone explain to me what they experience Self remembering to be. Or - what situations in which it can occur. It may help me to understand the differnences in how it is described.

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Re: Remembering the Self

Postby Rumpelteazer » Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:51 pm

Hello Dr Ali. Welcome to the forum.
Yes, there certainly are many different descriptions of Self-remembering. I think there may be two reasons for this. First, such experiences seem to occur without words. When you try to attach words to the pure experience it seems to affect the memory of that experience. So any description is bound to be inadequate. Second, the words chosen by any individual (after the event) will reflect his or her background, training, and belief system – if any. And of course these will differ from one individual to another, and will not be consistent. As a simple example, a practising Buddhist will probably describe his experience quite differently from a devout Christian.

To add yet another (possibly useless!) description to the heap, I would describe Self-remembering as being one of those clear, relaxed and happy moments when the feeling of being separate disappears. But if you asked me in six months’ time I would probably give a different answer!

The conclusion from all this is that you will only discover the answer when you experience it for yourself. Stillness is the best starting point, and meditation an effective method. Beyond that, self-observation to see what is taking you away from being what you really are. Working with others who are following a similar path can also be helpful.
Good luck

Dr. Ali
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Re: Remembering the Self

Postby Dr. Ali » Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:34 am

Hello Jenny,

thank you for your welcome - I am not sure if that means you are the person who runs the forum.

My main concern is that what people are describing as self-remembering may fall into the trap of "looking for the self". The Upanishads are our only authority in this matter. They describe the Self as that which cannot be seen but is the source of sight itself. i.e. if you look for the Self - who is the looker? The Self cannot be the object of any form of looking, According to the Upanishads - it must be the looker.

Also if you think about remembering the Self - who is the rememberer? Is not the Self the source of all remembering? According to the same logic and reasoning the Self cannot be the object of any remembering. The Self must be He who remembers. Any other idea of supposed "experience" is false understanding, is it not?

When there is remembering "I remember that all is one with who I am." i.e. re-membering = putting back together that which was previously (apparently) dis-membered.

This is a very personal and unsharable expereince really - I don't quite get what you mean by working with others. If others help me in my garden then they are working to assist my goal. How can any other help me with an entirely internal matter ? This goal of Self-remembering belongs only to the individual, does it not?

Best wishes

Dr. Ali

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Re: Remembering the Self

Postby Mortice » Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:07 am

The I or eye inside here is not good at this but here goes.

a wave of originality makes everything the way it is

partial truths in an infinite number of moments jostle around

the nature of infinity is that it allows as much space as is needed for anything to happen

this is not a poetical intellectual exercise

it is a fact that falls out of number theory

all positions all of the time at all energy levels in total collusion

to try and pin down this actuality is to chase a ghost

fire and ice

wind and rain

good and evil

sanctuary and crucible

simple profit and loss

numbers firing more numbers in something that will only ever be a work in progress

survival seems to be a key component on all levels

"originality" and maybe not origin of the species should have been the title of someones book

simple differences rule our ways across a vast expanse of time as we percieve it

but the *we that is us* is just a pause in a blink of an eye for the eternal creature that really is us.

having said this?

I bow to all creativity and what the eternal does for us on its course.

wanting to know thine creator is a bit like sitting back and asking?

"what did the romans ever do for us?"

and then maybe we should plumb the course of history a deep and think of all the changes bought on by

the many facets of civilisations along all the ways.

Cosmologists tend to say that the creation within which we appear to live in is expanding

now is this a good thing or a bad thing or is it a fact that we need to meet head on in some sort

of tranformational mental grooming?

ok here we go then.

Originality maybe happens because of the universal expansion of all things in all directions.

This expansion allows for more detail to be revealed on any level about anything as our time seems to flow

The more we look and the longer we appear to look

The more we will see.

We are made to look by a desire to see more, this desire is driven by the same expansion allowing more observation.

Originality flows into our existance because it is what has made us from nothing into something that wants to breath.

There will be evermore technical advances towards understanding at finer and finer levels of so called controlled

circumstances of observation, but the observation that matters most is having a sense of scale.

Originality could be eternal infinity choosing a particular moment to be seen in focus.

and for no discernible reason this focus is our collective consciousness.


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Re: Remembering the Self

Postby Mortice » Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:15 am

and on a softer note, to try and help some more.

All the names.
what is in a name.

does a name make us believe in us.

so many names have we.

a description is a name that we are born with

no desperation believed owns a name of our moments

all the names are we, all owned in eternal praise

some talk of the name of god, but knowing a name

is not the flavour tasted within

for that is something personal across all the names of all the ages

I speak of all the names of things only and do not own any one.

Impartial knowledge of names is the everything called from within

the totality of asking of identity creates a harmony sung.

choice is a name to love

time another

personal, one to discover

belief so fragrant perfection

name the songs flight in the wings of a dove.

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Re: Remembering the Self

Postby Mortice » Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:30 am

and from the gems of Stars.

The stars look on as we look back

common communication of time is that

in natural mode with just eyes seeing

points of light from years gone by

so many as well all poised and posted

a galaxy view from human inception

some spots in the sky a galaxy and not star

but light frequents to us turning

and the same when we look within

we look back to look forward

to discover what we see

our inner harmony


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Re: Remembering the Self

Postby Mortice » Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:57 am

Belief systems ask for alegience along a long walk into notoriety.

This has been true for as long as comparative understanding has been there as a blade of grass swaying in the winds of time.

Counter the infidels who understand not...!!!

etc etc etc.

Warmth and compassion do not hold much economic sway however.

Kill kill kill and breed is how we eat and breath to survive.

I do not want to do that anymore was someones answer.

He was then faced with a complicated reason to carry on.

It is your nature was the reply from upon above.

So He/She carried on.

No matter said the answer for we all have time to kill.

No matter said the question for I have time to review.

No matter said the reason for it had heard of its nature.

There is deep thought within numbers that describe all things as seen.

The philosophy needs more thought however.

This is my truth said someone who knew.

Not me though, I am but a messenger, born to serve.

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Re: Remembering the Self

Postby Mortice » Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:03 am

Things travelling at speed.

Lets imagine some things travelling in relation to our term of reference.

lets say that they have a kind of density that can only be measured through inference,

but because these things are moving so fast? we cannot see them, but that we can see the effects of them only.

The direction moved is intrinsic in this kind of deception of course.

We are talking small scales here of the most delicate of kinds.

Just fluctuations, but inumerable and so endless in number.

The sort of fluctuations that could have names too, like?..the "ether" or the higgs.

from the outside looking inside at this sort of thing it can seem insignificant in our grand scheme of things.

The wonder of the complicated maths is an art form within itself known only to a few.

lets subdivide all existance into? something or the nothing.

The "something" we have is stuff that can be seen and meausured directly beause it is a part of the electromagnetic

spectrum and conforms to recognised limits/plans/edges/ formula via scientific and or philosophical study etc etc.

The "nothing" we have supports all of that and makes it able to be there.

The massive and intrinsic probability within an observed and so called known limits particle.

Time shifts its decay and makes some conclusions,but time is part of the games that not many see.

So many times do we have to see and non comensurate in an agreed structural way, but that is another issue.

Cascades are easy to see and we see them all the time in so many ways on all scales and admire the pictures painted.

Allow me now to paint a picture.

The robot had been programmed well and knew its task to be true through a maze of itterative tasks

The colours fell complete onto the pallete and then painted the picture

Dawn awoke with the sun signing its arrival and was greeted with the awakening amass of consciousness changed.

Some light looked at itself in a mirror one day and asked why the mirror was there?

The mirror looked back and in philosophical reflection said?....I am not the mirror and was just asking what you are.

Starlight began its course one time and looked upon its journey in detail and realized it could never stop.

One hand clapping then noticed that it would make no sound but could only be itself.

Why is a thought

When is a thought

what is a thought

Immeasurable beauty in itteration are we.

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Re: Remembering the Self

Postby oipat » Sat Oct 04, 2014 8:57 am

we cannot say what remembering self is but we can say what it is not"

it is not the default rambling of thoughts
it is not the conditioned directed thought

once you think you've grasped it --it disappears-slips away

try not remembering your self and see how the deliberate effort sabotages itself momentarily
not remembering self is default automatic ticking over

exercises such as spelling your thoughts i.e. s p e ll i n g e a c h word in your inner monologue( spellologue)
can bring one closer to remembering in a slow prolonged process--an organic shift
S P e l l oh logue? kast these ideas to swine if you wish--banish the jewel in you r m i n d y e r head

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Re: Remembering the Self

Postby thejay » Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:26 am

The Self cannot be remembered because it cannot be forgotteṇ.

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