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Ego, Attachment and Spiritual Work 7th April

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2011 8:03 pm
by fiona
Cheltenham Group Meeting 7th April.
The Paper: ‘Ego, Attachment and Spiritual Work’ (E group)

Some of the comments focussed on:
* Aham and ahamkar. The unconditional and the conditional. As referred to in the paper, the ego as ‘a limited version of the Self’.
* Identifications and attachments – might they be seen as ‘healthy tools’ ?
* Ego and Will – their relationship.
* The Antahkaran – the role of Buddhi.
* Levels of consciousness, related to how the individual plays his/her role in the drama.
* The servant/master relationship.
* Strong desire – its role.
*The ego in the ‘Oneness’ – the body, the mind and the Universe.
* The ego through life – changes noticed in those approaching death.