Material on Stillness

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Material on Stillness

Postby Rumpelteazer » Sat May 21, 2011 12:01 pm

I didn't attend this meeting and there are no notes (unless someone else who did attend can supply them). But forum users might find the attached material helpful.
Material on stillness.doc
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Re: Material on Stillness

Postby fiona » Sun May 22, 2011 6:59 pm

Some rather brief notes from the Cheltenham meeting -
* Following on from the quotes about the relationship between the body and the mind in meditation, one of our group suggested that for him, in his daily life, 'Equilibrium' is the word he would use to express how he seeks to live and to be - it is to allow that balance to be there no matter what is happening.
*H.H.'s first quote on page 2 interested one of the group - in particular the last sentence:
Being conscious of anything but the Self is basically being separated
Leading on from this, someone commented that he has always found the use of the word 'Desires' in the Record to be unhelpful. One of the group suggested that 'Distractions' might be a more useful word for him, while someone else suggested one might say that it's 'Anything that takes you away from the moment now'. Today I asked a Study Society member for some help on this. He explained that H.H. often uses the word 'Intentions' - I thank him for providing us with this insight.

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